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ScanVir2019 conference
2019-06-03 till 2019-06-05
Turku, Finland 
Welcome to ScanVir2019!

It is our pleasure to announce that the first ScanVir Meeting will be held on June 3rd to 5th, 2019 in Turku, Finland. The topics include all aspects of virology and viral immunology - basic, applied and clinical virology. The program will be divided into parallel sessions with plenary lectures given by distinguished keynote speakers. We want to stimulate cooperation by offering interactive sessions on current hot topics in virology and by providing a 'think-tank room' for brainstorming sessions by small groups.

Information about ScanVir2019 will be continously updated on the conference website.

We warmly welcome you to Turku at the beautiful beginning of the Finish summer!

Välkommen! Velkommen! Velkomin! Tervetuloa!  
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2020-06-05 00:36
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