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EMBO Workshop "Bacterial Cell Division: Closing the Gap"
2019-06-09 till 2019-06-12
Örenäs Slott, Lund 
Cell division is essential for bacterial propagation and closely tied to other cell cycle events. It is of central importance in bacterial cell biology. This field is now enjoying a highly productive period with major discoveries in many bacterial species. For example, in vitro reconstruction of parts of the division machinery has led to mechanistic insights into divisome functioning and super-resolution imaging and single particle tracking techniques are revealing, with unprecedented resolution, the dynamics, localization and structures of cell division components. New research has also produced essential knowledge and powerful tools for antibiotic drug discovery efforts targeting cell division. The aim of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together both established experts and early career researchers to discuss recent major advances in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cell division, as well as novel aspects of division and its regulation in non-model bacteria, antibiotic target selection and drug development.

EMBO Workshops have traditionally provided a stimulating platform to discuss research and ideas on bacterial cell cycle, cell division, and morphogenesis. We envisage that this conference will live up to this tradition.

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