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2011-03-22 00:43:16
Rabindra Karki:
Senast ändrad: 2011-03-22 00:45:56
Dear members,

To make advancement in microbiological research in Sweden, our mutual correspondance and communication is important.Through this platform we should be able to share our knowledge and utilise our skills for a vital research.So, i think if anyone of us is conducting a research and wants some solution to a problem , then he/she should be able to use this platform to make his query so that he/she finds a suitable response from the prominent scientists whose identity is being concealed among us.

Also, the platform could be used to create research oriented job oppurtunities for aspirant researchers for which each individual member could build up a research task force out of this pool of researchers.And i hope SFM will help in finding funds for this research process.

I hope in near future this group would be able to take up any microbiological challange due to which the citizens of this country are facing disease burden!!

2024-05-25 13:21
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