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Overcoming future pandemics: Tools to control viral threats
2021-09-01 till 2021-09-03
Target Audience Description: Residents and specialists in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases
Course Objectives We experienced the first zoonotic pandemic, i.e. COVID-19, of the twenty-first century both in the real world and in the cyber world. Thanks to our advanced technology, we succeeded to introduce new diagnostic techniques, and to develop effective vaccines in a short period of time. Of course, the virus did not remain idle during this period. It changed itself regularly to bypass barriers we put forward. Every country reacted differently to the pandemic. While some countries were locking themselves down, some countries behaved more liberally. Social media was our friends and sometimes our enemies. We reacted to vaccine differently, too.
In this online 3-day-course, we would like to discuss all above mentioned issues, and to focus on our achievements and failures to get ready for the next pandemic. This course is going to be led by a scientifically experienced and respected faculty members from five continents. We hope we can create a scientific and active discussion environment together with you as participants.

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Inlagt av Gulsen Özkaya Sahin  

2021-09-21 18:58
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