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SFM Travel Grants

Applications for travel grants from SFM are accepted with a deadline on the 15th of February, 15th of August and 15th of November. The travel grants are primarily for active conference participation with oral presentations of research in the field of microbiology and are for Junior SFM members only (PhD student and post-docs up to 5 years after dissertation). 
Each award amounts to a maximum of 6000 sek. Decisions on grants are normally taken at board meetings when the application time has closed. 


Cut and paste the list below to an e-mail, complete the information (all mandatory) and sent to:
Keira Melican E-mail: Keira.Melican@ki.se

----- cut and paste from here -----


  1. Name, position and work place of applicant:
  2. Year of registration as PhD student or year of defended thesis (if applicable):
  3. List of applicants' publications:


  1. Conference name:
  2. Place and duration:
  3. Abstract:
  4. Oral/Poster presentation (notify SFM asap if not known at time of application):
  5. Registration fee:
  6. Travel cost:
  7. Other travel grants already awarded:
  8. Other travel grants applied for:

Statement from supervisor/mentor

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Successful applicants will be notified directly after the board meeting and reimbursed after attendance at the conference. The applicant is requested to send in scanned receipts and tickets as well as a short report of the conference by e-mail to: Keira.Melican@ki.se

The expenses will be reimbursed by SFM within a month.


FEMS scholarships

FEMS scholarship to young researchers (younger than 35 years) are available for application twice per year, the 1st  June and 1st of December using online applications. The research exchange must be with a FEMS membership country. The applicant can get as much as 4000 Euro. The presidium of SFM appoints the Swedish candidates, whose applications are then decided by the Grants Board at FEMS office in Delft, The Netherlands. During the last years there has been very few Swedish applications and we will ask you to spread this information to PhD-students and postgraduates. Please note that the applicant must be a member of Svenska föreningen för mikrobiologi (SFM).

Application forms and further information can be found on the web page: http://www.fems-microbiology.org

or from Keira Melican E-mail: Keira.Melican@ki.se

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