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6th Nordic Conference of HIV and Hepatitis Drug Resistance and Treatment Strategies
2017-04-24 till 2017-04-24
Uppsala, Sweden 
As shown in the attached program (see link above), this one-day meeting is aimed to attract medical doctors and researchers from the Nordic countries, whose activities involve treatment of HIV and hepatitis B/C infection, as well as antiviral resistance. The conference has invited several leading international researchers who will present current data. It should be mentioned that Ralf Bartenschlager, recipient of the Lasker Award in 2016, is the opening speaker at the Hepatitis-session.

Registration can be done via this Länk

Please note that this conference is free of charge for MDs who are treating patients with HIV and Hepatitis B/C infection at Departments of Infectious Disease and Gastroenterology in Nordic countries.

Best regards,

Johan Lennerstrand
Uppsala University
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