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ESCMID Postgraduate Course in Clinical Parasitology
2021-09-20 till 2021-09-24
Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Course Objectives
This course focuses on parasitic infections of importance
for routine clinical practice in European
countries, including the most frequent imported parasitic
infections in migrants and travellers. Experienced
speakers will provide lectures with emphasis
on clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic and epidemiological
aspects. In addition, practicals will be provided,
covering about 40% of the course, in which
diagnosis of most important parasitic infections,
including malaria, Leishmania and intestinal
parasites, will be practiced. The course is intended for
medical doctors, biologists or senior technicians
interested and /or working in clinical parasitology.

For more info, download PDF from link above.

Target Audience
Medical doctors, biologists or senior technicians
interested and/or working in clinical parasitology.
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