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Trainee Association of ESCMID Newsletter

Dear colleagues and friends,

On the occasion of four newly elected members of the Trainee Association of ESCMID (TAE) Steering Committee (SC), we would like to give you a short update on the current members of the SC, and the recent activities of the TAE.

Our four newly elected SC members are from Sweden (Caroline Rönnberg, CM), Spain (Zaira Palacios Baena, ID), Turkey (Cansu Cimen, ID) and Germany (Thea-Christin Zapf, CM).
Joana Cortez from Portugal is stepping down, and the new TAE SC President is David Ong from the Netherlands. Alberto Maraolo from Italy is the new President-elect, Cansu Cimen fills the position of Treasurer, Thea-Christin Zapf is the new Secretary, Zaira Palacios Baena takes care of our presence in social media and Caroline Rönnberg is responsible for networking.

One of the goals of the TAE is to take training in CM and ID to new heights. By using international resources we can discuss optimal training programmes, hold international trainee courses with respectable speakers and learn from each others’ regional specialties.
By creating a large network of young professionals in CM and ID, a door is opened for better trans-European collaboration and effective use of resources. With your help we can reach trainees all across Europe in order to establish a strong network of professionals within our closely related specialties. Join us for a fruitful future! Please feel free to email us with any questions and thoughts you may have: caroline.ronnberg@karolinska.se

Our recent activities:

10th October 2016
TAE publishes survey results in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases - open access article

You can find us on the ESCMID Homepage, on Facebook and as of recently also on Twitter!

Please connect to our Facebook page:


and Twitter account:


More information about the TAE:


We would also like to remind you of the following exciting events and possibilities within ESCMID:

TAE Awards for Training Achievements
This year applicants must be nominated by a colleague. Please spread the word among ID and CM trainees and consultants about this attractive award! Deadline for nomination is January 5th 2017. Awardees will receive a non-restricted prize of EUR 1,500, ECCMID 2017 travel and registration, and Summer School 2017 registration and accommodation.


ECCMID - TAE Trainees Day
Sign up for this years’ TAE trainees day at ECCMID in Vienna 22-25 April 2017 for an inspiring meet-the-expert session and opportunity to ask questions in an informal setting.


Summer School
One of our favourite activities, this year in Borstel, Germany 1-8 of July 2017.
More information will follow in due time.

Best wishes,
The TAE Steering Committee


Mer information: http://https://www.escmid.org/profession_career/trainee_association_of_escmid/

Kontaktperson: caroline.ronnberg@karolinska.se
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