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Call for a TAE Working Group on Barriers to active Trainee participation at ID/CM conferences.
The deadline has been extended until 19 May 2022, please use the following link: Länk

Professional societies aim to promote research and education by bringing together doctors in scientific meetings and conferences. Despite bringing significant contributions to said societies, trainees are not always involved, or may face barriers, for the active participation in decision-making processes regarding the organisation of conferences. Many national and international societies in ID and CM have created branches or subcommittees led by junior doctors or trainees to support younger doctor participation; however, this might not be the case in every society.

The working group will focus on:
1. analyzing participation data of trainees in major national and international Infectious Diseases/Clinical Microbiology conferences.
2. outlining perceived barriers to active participation in national and international conferences.
3. creating a list of recommendations for national and international Infectious Diseases/Clinical Microbiology societies towards resolving discovered barriers.

These objectives shall be completed by analyzing (non-survey) data from trainee conference participation, e.g. contact major societies which organize ID/CM conferences (ECCMID, ASM Microbe, ID week) and ask for their statistics on this, and creating and disseminating a cross?sectional questionnaire survey on the barriers, attitudes of trainees and senior leaders and perceived difficulties in having an active role in Infectious Diseases/Clinical Microbiology conferences.

We are looking for 4 representatives of trainees in Infectious Diseases/Clinical Microbiology with background in research, data analysis and result publication. Appointments will strive for equal representation of gender, country and region. Subteams to be created each focusing on either Non-survey or Survey data collection and analysis.
The preliminary timeline will be updated once the group selection has been finalized.

Kind regards,
TAE Steering Committee  
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