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Call for ESCMID Postgraduate Education Courses/Technical Workshops 2022
Re: Second call for ESCMID Postgraduate Education Courses/Technical Workshops 2022
Dear representatives of the Swedish Society of Clinical Microbiology,

ESCMID again invites you to submit your proposal(s) for the 2022 Education Programme. Each year, ESCMID supports and administrates a number of Postgraduate Education Courses and Technical Workshops both in Europe and overseas. These are usually 2 – 3 day courses addressing a specific area, issue or hot topic in the area of Infection.
In light of restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we split the call for proposals, with this being the second half of the call.
Call Two (this call): Collecting proposals for POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION COURSES AND WORKSHOPS for dates during the latter half of 2022.
- It is possible to indicate in the onsite course application form if the organisers wish to also offer online livestreaming of the onsite course content (hybrid delivery).
The submission templates for this call (Call Two) can be found below:
For Online Courses: Online Course Proposal Form
No budget is required for online courses

Onsite Courses and Workshops: Onsite Course/Workshop Proposal Form
Budget spreadsheet template

Please note that
• Onsite courses can also be planned to be hybrid streamed for online participants – this is not a requirement, however.
• Online courses have many advantages – they are easier to plan, carry less economic risk, and as such can be targeted to specialized topics that may not support an onsite course.
The online courses held in 2021 have received very favourable feedback.
• The topic of the course or workshop should be engaging, relevant and novel. Please have a look at this summary of the last 3 years of ESCMID Postgraduate Courses, in order to see if the subject has been specifically covered recently.
• See the already approved courses for 2022, to ensure that there is no overlap of subject areas, and also that there are no clashing dates (September 2022 is already very full).
• The faculty members (speakers) should be relevant for the topic and should be the most relevant presenter for the topic. Please do, however, keep in mind that a fair balance, both by geography and gender, should be strived for.
• For onsite courses the venue of the workshop should be chosen with the participants in mind – venues with affordable accommodation options nearby are usually more attractive. Also take into account how the ‘high season’ may affect the availability and cost of accommodation.
• If you have not already, we encourage that you organise your course with the participation with an ESCMID Study Group.
Please do not hesitate to contact William Caddy, ESCMID Education Manager, in case of any queries relating the organisational aspects of ESCMID Postgraduate Courses and Workshops.
Please note that William will be concluding employment with ESCMID at the end of March 2022. The position of Education Manager will be filled following this time by Nicolas Burri (nicolas.burri@escmid.org).
The deadline for proposal submission is Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 12:00 midday CET.

More detailed information, including the support offered by ESCMID can be found in the ESCMID Operating Procedures on the ESCMID Website.

To access the submission website, please visit:

We are looking forward to receiving your proposal(s).

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