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NordicAST LRE-TRE study Inbjudan att delta
On behalf of NordicAST and the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance (K-res), University Hospital of North-Norway, we hereby invite your laboratory to participate in the NordicAST 2023 LRE-TRE study. The primary aim is to explore the performance of the EUCAST disc diffusion method and supplementary methods to detect reduced susceptibility to linezolid and tigecycline in clinically relevant enterococci.

This invitation goes to Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish, and Norwegian diagnostic laboratories to blindly examine a well characterized collection of enterococci (n=20) with a range of MICs against linezolid and/or tigecycline and defined resistance mechanisms. The study will run in February-April 2023.

Kristin Hegstad, Bjørg C. Haldorsen and Arnfinn Sundsfjord (Tromsø, Norway) coordinate the project in collaboration with the national contact persons in Denmark, Finland, Sweden (Gunnar Kahlmeter/Erika Matuschek).

We hope that your laboratory is willing to participate in this multicentre study. Please use this link to download a study invitation with registration form (Word document): Länk

If you want to download the study protocol, use this link (Word document): Länk

You are welcome to contact Erika Matuschek if you have any questions before signing up.  

Kontaktperson: erika.matuschek@kronoberg.se
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